About us

Santvani Trivedi [ came to Earth on 15 July 1995 ] Born in Godhra , panchmahal , Gujarat .
Her Journey of Music starts from her early life. Her parents support her to continue her Music.
Even she continued her Music while her Education was going on. She completed her Bachelor in Science ( B.Sc ) with Subject of Microbiology.
Her Primary Dream is to Develop her Motherland & Exotic nature of Panchmahal and She started her Journey from You-Tube.She completed more than 10-15 videos in Panchmahal only.
She is First Youtuber in Panchmahal. Who gets more than 25k subscribers on her official Facebook page and her YouTube views are 300k.
She is the Youngest artist who have her Rock band , Folk band , Classical band , and last but not least she have her Gujarati special band who perform Garba , Wedding songs & many more .
She is so down to earth for her Nation. She completed two patriotic song & dedicated to her Nation (INDIA) .And her Aim is to give patriotic songs on each and every 26th January & 15th August.